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Living Room Inspirations | Inspiration for Scandinavian-Style Lounge

Inspiration for Scandinavian-Style Lounge

If you always feel attracted by the regional crafts and landscape of the Nordic as Norway, Sweden, Finland or Denmark, you no longer need moving to the other side of the world to have this style decor. Nordic or Scandinavian-style interiors have reached a boom currently by simplicity, functionality and comfort of its rooms.

Living Room Inspirations

Scandinavian style characteristics

Scandinavian features are strongly determined by the climate and the geographical location of these countries. This is why that priority is given to the use of natural light with very bright and spacious interiors. The colors that predominate are which are usually found in the landscapes of the region, where white is the absolute King, followed by other light shades and grays. For materials such as wood also are often used clear tones, that does not mean that cannot enter vibrant colors, but always on white backgrounds in subtle details.

Inspiration for Scandinavian-style lounge

These days the style seeks to combine materials and traditional textures with modern elements with minimalist tendencies. It is producing environments welcoming, simple and balanced. The ceilings tend to be high, spacious rooms and wooden floors. Using a minimum amount of furniture, but always looking for that they are functional and provide you some meaning to the decoration. Straight and clean lines which can be combined sometimes with smooth curves are used in Scandinavian furniture designs.

Natural materials

Natural materials are another must of this style. Wood, leather, and furs are the main materials used in the manufacture of furniture, rugs, carpets and smaller details. In textiles are also used linen and cotton, and sometimes designs are patterned Plaid, striped or floral. Decorative accessories found in the spaces are very simple, often ceramic and glass. Any object with an aged appearance or a vintage, trendy touch can not miss you now.

After having seen the main features of Scandinavian style, we wanted to present a selection of rooms that you can bring a lot of ideas and serve as inspiration to decorate your home with this style.

Living Room Inspirations

Living room with fireplace

This first proposal is a faithful representative of the Scandinavian-style lounge. The dominant color in the decoration of this space is white, which we find in walls, floors, lacquered furniture, cushions, and accessories. The white color and the presence of windows help create an illuminated and serene atmosphere for this environment.

Living Room Inspirations

Living Room Inspirations

We see the presence of wood in the ground as it is common, and also in furniture and accessories with aged appearance. The detail of the iron stove is all a hit.

Living room with modern touches

This is another room with a Scandinavian aesthetic and a few modern touches. There is an open space with large windows, where white is combined with light gray both on walls and upholstery.

The use of wood in furniture, ceiling, flooring, but this time of natural and clear tones is recurrent. The furniture and all the elements of space have been carefully chosen, with straight and simple lines.

Living Room Inspirations

Hall of light shades

Scandinavian style has crept into the design of this another salon that conveys much freshness and originality. It has opted for walls in shades of gray, so that textiles and accessories are responsible for introducing notes of color that bring warmth to this space.

A large picture and a simple fireplace adorn the main walls of the room. They are undoubtedly that design rustic and recycled coffee tables, which most give the Scandinavian roll to this Hall.

Living Room Inspirations

Hall used to 100%

In the latest proposal returns blank this is so popular in this style. The walls are all this color, but one that has been covered with a wallpaper with a modern pattern that gives color to the entire stay. Space takes advantage completely, with corners well designed and carefully decorated.

All the furniture and accessories are simple so the environment looks light and cozy. Plants placed in Windows Add a touch of color and naturalness to this hall.

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Living Room Inspirations | Inspiration for Scandinavian-Style Lounge
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