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Shabby Chic Living Room | The Trend Of Decoration: What Is Shabby Chic?

The Trend Of Decoration: What Is Shabby Chic?

Style Shabby Chic living room

The Shabby Chic style is inspired by the old English country houses, very large houses and in which the decoration was totally dominated by the white, both in decorative elements and furniture, that used to be old.

Shabby Chic Living Room

Shabby Chic combines nostalgic, characteristic of the vintage, with other old styles with something more modern trends.

It was Rachel Aswell, an American interior designer, creator of the Shabby Chic style.

Shabby Chic Living Room

Shabby means frayed, scruffy. However, Chic means elegance, slenderness.
Imitate the decoration of the English lodges in which used antique furniture, recycled and worn by use and render it is elegant and sophisticated.

Corner style Shabby Chic
The key elements to get this style are:
  • ·   Antique and elegant furniture of old white and worn looking.
  • ·   Candles, soft shades or white.
  • ·   Vases, teapots, etc, old style and also in very soft tones.
  • ·   Flowers in various shades of pink.
  • ·   Any lamp in white fabric.
  • ·   Textiles and fabrics for the home prints with romantic motifs and soft colors.

If you combine all these elements in your decorating and have in mind that must always predominate white, you'll get your decoration to be able to transport you to elegant past despite these contemporary "touches" that provide some elements.

Shabby Chic Living Room

So that success is assured, when combining colors, you can combine different shades of white with pink, green, coral, salmon, beige, wheat, oats, etc. Just keep in mind that colors should always have a soft hue to get that romantic "touch" and exacerbate that trend to the warmth.

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Shabby Chic Living Room | The Trend Of Decoration: What Is Shabby Chic?
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