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Living Room Accessories | Decorate a Room for Apartments

Decorate a Room for Apartments

Today we see that the apartments have areas with small dimensions and many find it hard to decorate the rooms of apartments. For this reason, I am going to teach as an elegant and appropriate decoration of apartments rooms must be. In a room of the apartment, you must only place furniture and decorative accessories that are ideal to the space that you have.

You can make your small room look cozy, super smart and above all that count with a relaxing atmosphere. And so you can get that you should pay attention to the following ideas and I could create a comfortable room where to give the desire to spend pleasant moments.

Living Room Accessories

To begin to decorate rooms for apartments, first of all, we must pick the color. My recommendation is to choose any of the following colors:
  • Natural colors that is clear.
  • Pastel colors.
  • Cool as the green and blue colors.

These are the primary colors which give your small room spaciousness and good ventilation.

Living Room Accessories

Furniture that should go in a small room of apartment must be simple and straight lines. Because they take up less space and help than the space of look clean.

Don't make the mistake that many people committed for example; placing large carved as these occupy much space and make a room look smaller.

Living Room Accessories

If you have in your room or place accessories that you do not want them look you must put shelves with doors and there you can save them.

Another way to save space is to put in your living room corner sofas with legs and is of solid natural tones. For example; you can use sofas, Brown, gray or chocolate-brown color.

Living Room Accessories

And if you see these sofas are serious you can add color by adding beautiful colorful cushions and combine with the decor.

Surely wondered what I put in the middle? The answer is a beautiful coffee table. My advice is that the table is clear glass.

Living Room Accessories

Another important point that you need to have account is the lighting. Apartment room should have two types of lighting:
  • Natural lighting is the most recommended
  • And artificial lighting.

So you can take advantage of the light of nature you have to install in the windows of your room a few blinds or beautiful curtains which are transparent.

Living Room Accessories

You always give life and color to your room of the apartment, so you must use or place cute decorative accessories.

For example; you can use rugs, paintings, cushions and precious ornaments. Eye, all these accessories must harmonize with the rest of the decor.

Living Room Accessories

One of the more Allied accessories for small rooms is mirrors since they do make the room look wider and well lit.

For example; you should place a large mirror opposite a window of your room and thus will be able to reflect natural light.

Living Room Accessories

Tips and Ideas for decorating rooms

The room is one of the busiest areas of the house, a reason why we should keep it in order and beautifully decorated.

It is the place in which receive visits and meetings with friends not a shortage and hence the way in which looks will transmit our essence and neatness.

Living Room Accessories

1. Before buying furniture and accessories must have cleared what kind of room like and what style would best go with it: simple/minimalist, modern, classical, ethnic, etc. This will also define the color of your walls.

2. The lighting is a very important element in this room, so you should seek to have large windows.

If this is not so, place ahead to the center of the room light and some complementary with floor lamps.

Living Room Accessories

3. Also you must add color to the floor. To do this, you must add the ideal tone to the floor of your room with a rug or carpet colorful design.

What if your room has neutral or light colors can add a model with geometric shapes of bright shades to give life to your environment and highlight a nice decor for the whole family.

4. Nor must forget in choosing the right color to paint the walls of your room, which a striking tone is needed to better reflect the environment or but don't want it you can add colors which give a great determination to your room.

Also, if you think give a look to your room you can resort to consider painting your accent wall to be able to save time and money.

5. the mirrors are perfect for a stay small where you help give greater scope for your space, you can mostly add a mirror opposite the window so that it reflects the view and make your room feel more open.

Similarly, if you like the idea you can recreate a large mirror that covers the entire wall to a great original room decor.

6 books. These are also fundamental to entertain visitors while they await you in your room.

But it is always recommended to place books that talk about travel and containing relaxing images, especially of nature.

Books not only can place it in the library that you have in your room, but it can also put three or four books on the coffee table.

I recommend that you always keep the books in order and clean, that way your room to be elegant.

Well, these were some ideas to decorate a room for apartments. You want to see another decoration tips and information, I recommend you to enter in the following articles:

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Small Living Room Decorating Ideas | How to Decorate a Small Living Room

How to Decorate a Small Living Room

It is the ideal place of the house to spend good hours chatting with friends, watching TV while we accompany children or taking a little air in the afternoon. In this article, we give you some tips so you can achieve to convert that space into one which is really better.

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

If these in charge of house and you always strive to make it a totally hospitable place, there are several ways of doing this. One of these options is to enhance the decor of the living room already you know how can do it? I tell you in this post...

Small living room: knowing the place

The living room is that place of house reserved for every day, where there will be a good set of television, some current magazines, and an another drink to accompany you. Differs from the room by a much smaller space, with less furniture and a space of common use (in many cases daily)

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

One of the first challenges encountered when we want to decorate this place is the size: now must think about how to adapt the furniture, what will be the correct position of the TV or how the objects in relation to the door will be ready. There are some basic steps to solving these points

Identifies the easiest access forms

The orientation of furniture responds to many factors, one of the most important is the gateway. It is likely that this room is in the middle of a house and, for this reason, it is advisable to locate furniture follows

Armchairs, chairs or sofas, facing the door, i.e. so as to be seated, all your guests have access to it.
Set of entertainment in one of the walls that give directly to the location of the furniture (against them)
Table small for decoration or magazines in one (preferably not next door) ends

You are looking for functional furniture

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

When you have little space the best is to use furniture that can be used in several ways. For the decoration of a living room, it is advisable to use folding tables (of little size) or armchairs bed that will serve if a family member stays at home and there is no more room for it.

Put emphasis on comfort

Before placing much furniture or saturating space thinks that it's a place to relax. Just a couple of furniture and a good TV set, that yes, keep in mind the lighting.

Give prominence to the floor and the walls

Not in many places you can play with these components as in the common areas, take advantage of the living room to use Park, white floors or tiles of earth colors to make it look more natural and light.

For the walls, it is advisable to light colors: from white, through all its variations and earth colors. Sit in your room you will find impeccable with one of these colors and will serve to relax while you see a movie, for example.

Use mirrors

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

Make a place look bigger sometimes is only a matter of imagination. Mirrors are ideal for making that space is much larger and contribute not only visually but also in how a person feels to be in a room that has these.

Give space to the beautiful

Even though we've been in which the most important are furniture and comfort, there is to deny the importance of the details. Add one or another picture, a setting for the coffee table, a carpet and even some natural plants that you take care.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Paint Colors for Living | Room Techniques for Painting a Room

Techniques for Painting a Room

The article I'm going to give you below are techniques to paint a room since in this way it will highlight modern design with elegant lines and mostly neutral or bright colors with an orderly balance options. 

Paint Colors for Living Room

Together the choice of colors for your room is a matter of personal taste and above all the consideration of existing decoration, such as the colors of coverings of floors, furniture and window treatments.

Bright colors:

You have to choose a bold shade of orange or red color for the walls, or simply a shade of chartreuse, above all create balance for your vivid colors, painting of windows, doors and moldings in the off-white or white frames. Together, you have to keep a simple decor, with occasional hints of the color of the wall in decorative pillows and accessories.

Paint Colors for Living Room

Cowboy imitation:

You can be the first to paint the walls of your room with a denim style since you must paint color cream or white for a base color and let it dry, then mix a blue painting cowboy with a glaze clear and a part of four of enamel paint. Also roll enamel in two sections of one square foot and continues with a brush of linen to create an appearance of fabric, also moves the brush from left to right and then from top to bottom to create a cross illusion of fabric and you can finish with a roller for added effect to maintain a wet edge to do this technique.

Paint Colors for Living Room


Another modern way is to paint walls in neutral colors, so Brown sandy or Brown, or simply of whitish and the opposite in a light shade of moss green can be decorative. Mostly paint the frames of the windows, moldings and wood finishes in neutral shades softer than the colors of the wall to obtain a room elegantly and majestic.

Paint Colors for Living Room


You should know that in the modern interior architectural elements have been painted to create accents and contrasts, with which you can paint in colors that complement each other with the base color. Also paint the underside of the ceiling of a color and the upper section of another and choose a whitish tone or  salmon, soft, beige, since you have to apply paint in an environment appropriate to the inside of the fireplace and you can choose a color that contrasts strongly with the walls as in neutral earth tones.


The white walls can be very modern, but the walls need to be painted white as the floors, frames of doors and windows, moldings and skirting boards. Therefore, it must be balanced with a simple dark furniture and design treatments of windows in colors that include living colors and a touch of white.

Paint Colors for Living Room

Explore the different options:

You can explore different options that allow giving us great useful information, since this blog will get advice appropriate to find the color that strikes modern living room furniture will not be exactly like yours, and you can see the interaction of your choices of color with ornaments and accessories.

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White Living Room | Rooms with Wood and White Lacquer Furniture

Rooms with Wood and White Lacquer Furniture

Do you like light? I think we like the light to all, to me I love that the rooms are bright and elegant.

White Living Room

If you think of these two premises for a modern lounge, one of the keys is in the furniture, and I'm going to give reasons:

Brightliving room, to get it thinks of lacquered furniture in white or light colors, especially with brightness. A glossy surface load power and light environment. In the post "Decoration in white" and in "Decoration in black, gray and white" you spoke of how to combine the color white.

White Living Room

White Living Room

Elegant lounge, elegance has always been linked to the wood, it is a noble material. Open heard this furniture is made of solid wood, it is very elegant. There are many varieties of Woods, walnut, oak, pine, birch, etc.

White Living Room

White Living Room

Thus, if we combine in the same composition of Cabinet, the coating which reflects light, and wood which gives warmth, gets at the same time a light and elegant ambiance.

White Living Room

The choice of this mixture is fashionable and it is very successful, with the advantage that there are different sizes of modules and many finishes, colors,... whereupon, it is ideal to give you the composition that you like, they are furniture to customize with personality.
Take a look at the images in this post, are full of life and modern high-quality furniture.

White Living Room

They are all of furniture Blanca and we have them in the store of Vila - real (Castellón). If they're interested do not hesitate to ask us about them, we will attend you gladly.

White lacquered furniture you like, or do you prefer them color finished wood?

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Living Room Inspirations | Inspiration for Scandinavian-Style Lounge

Inspiration for Scandinavian-Style Lounge

If you always feel attracted by the regional crafts and landscape of the Nordic as Norway, Sweden, Finland or Denmark, you no longer need moving to the other side of the world to have this style decor. Nordic or Scandinavian-style interiors have reached a boom currently by simplicity, functionality and comfort of its rooms.

Living Room Inspirations

Scandinavian style characteristics

Scandinavian features are strongly determined by the climate and the geographical location of these countries. This is why that priority is given to the use of natural light with very bright and spacious interiors. The colors that predominate are which are usually found in the landscapes of the region, where white is the absolute King, followed by other light shades and grays. For materials such as wood also are often used clear tones, that does not mean that cannot enter vibrant colors, but always on white backgrounds in subtle details.

Inspiration for Scandinavian-style lounge

These days the style seeks to combine materials and traditional textures with modern elements with minimalist tendencies. It is producing environments welcoming, simple and balanced. The ceilings tend to be high, spacious rooms and wooden floors. Using a minimum amount of furniture, but always looking for that they are functional and provide you some meaning to the decoration. Straight and clean lines which can be combined sometimes with smooth curves are used in Scandinavian furniture designs.

Natural materials

Natural materials are another must of this style. Wood, leather, and furs are the main materials used in the manufacture of furniture, rugs, carpets and smaller details. In textiles are also used linen and cotton, and sometimes designs are patterned Plaid, striped or floral. Decorative accessories found in the spaces are very simple, often ceramic and glass. Any object with an aged appearance or a vintage, trendy touch can not miss you now.

After having seen the main features of Scandinavian style, we wanted to present a selection of rooms that you can bring a lot of ideas and serve as inspiration to decorate your home with this style.

Living Room Inspirations

Living room with fireplace

This first proposal is a faithful representative of the Scandinavian-style lounge. The dominant color in the decoration of this space is white, which we find in walls, floors, lacquered furniture, cushions, and accessories. The white color and the presence of windows help create an illuminated and serene atmosphere for this environment.

Living Room Inspirations

Living Room Inspirations

We see the presence of wood in the ground as it is common, and also in furniture and accessories with aged appearance. The detail of the iron stove is all a hit.

Living room with modern touches

This is another room with a Scandinavian aesthetic and a few modern touches. There is an open space with large windows, where white is combined with light gray both on walls and upholstery.

The use of wood in furniture, ceiling, flooring, but this time of natural and clear tones is recurrent. The furniture and all the elements of space have been carefully chosen, with straight and simple lines.

Living Room Inspirations

Hall of light shades

Scandinavian style has crept into the design of this another salon that conveys much freshness and originality. It has opted for walls in shades of gray, so that textiles and accessories are responsible for introducing notes of color that bring warmth to this space.

A large picture and a simple fireplace adorn the main walls of the room. They are undoubtedly that design rustic and recycled coffee tables, which most give the Scandinavian roll to this Hall.

Living Room Inspirations

Hall used to 100%

In the latest proposal returns blank this is so popular in this style. The walls are all this color, but one that has been covered with a wallpaper with a modern pattern that gives color to the entire stay. Space takes advantage completely, with corners well designed and carefully decorated.

All the furniture and accessories are simple so the environment looks light and cozy. Plants placed in Windows Add a touch of color and naturalness to this hall.

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Living Room Color Schemes | How to Match Your New Sofa for Your Living Room

How to Match Your New Sofa for Your Living Room

Struggling to choose a sofa in your House? Choose the furniture can be a game of chance - after all, large expenditure on a couch which collides with the ground, paint or carpet leaves you in a very expensive confusion of a situation

A good sofa must be standing. Without being too much of a distraction from design.

Living Room Color Schemes

Fortunately, it is easy to choose a sofa or a couch that matches the color scheme and style of your home decor. Game hot or cold sofas from its soil to create contrast with light tiles, keep reading to learn seven great strategies to help you find your new sofa for your living room.
Find out if you have a scheme of hot or cold color

As some people look great on certain items, some fabrics and colors look excellent when combined with a room that corresponds to them. Most living rooms are well hot or cold. Warm be rich, friendly and warm, and cool is something more lasting and contrast

The key to a good furniture selection is working if your living room is cool, in which case more solid, intense colors are appropriate, or warm, in which case a mixture of colors of medium intensity and dark tones are appropriate.

In general, white tile-floored rooms are fresh. Rooms with linoleum are usually cool. Rooms with very light wood or mass concrete floors are also cool and benefit from furniture that matches a combination of cool colors.
On the other hand, rooms with luxurious wooden floors almost always have a range of warm colors. Rooms with tiled floors of beige or salmon are also hot. In simple terms, the rooms that look better with gold decoration is warm, and the rooms that look better with a silver decoration are usually fresh.

While it is possible to break the rules of warm and cold and still create an elegant living room, getting within categories warm and cold to prevent your furniture from colliding with the color scheme of your room.

Light wooden flooring? Create contrast of light with your furniture

Rooms with blond wooden floors are very flexible when it comes to the selection of sofas and other furniture. You can choose to go in the dark - for example, a sofa in black leather on a floor of light wooden - or light, with a white sofa in beige or light wood top

In general terms, the easiest to do. A clear wooden floor stands out is to use even lighter furniture. Select a sofa in White leather for the ultimate fashion statement without causing shock, or even a brown or light brown or lounge suite sofa.
You have to be careful to choose black furniture in rooms with the very light-colored floor. Solid black creates often too much of a change, despite the tough black on white style is very popular in the ultra-modern homes.

Dark wood flooring? Create dark contrast with your furniture

Dark wood floors complemented by better, even more, dark furniture. The classic loungesuite sofa black leather on a dark wooden floor never goes out of fashion, especially when the furniture has a simple design, no time.
As would a color floor clear, you will need to find out if your salon uses a range of warm or cold colors. If it is hot, take colors to half-tone as Brown, blue marine, or even Bordeaux.

It may sound silly, but the choice of a sofa to match it with your living room is like choosing a pair of shoes from a team that matches. Black adapts to any environment, Brown coincides with blue and white should be avoided by everyone, but warmer environments.

Living Room Color Schemes

White mosaic floor? Use strong colors to create a contrast

When the room has the white floor, you have the entire catalog at your creative disposal. White soils work with almost any color of furniture, whenever it fits your color scheme.

Living Room Color Schemes

Any ultra modern house? Choose a sofa in black leather or salon suite Bordeaux. Modern apartment? Go with Walnut leather, a suite of Black Hall, or even a dark blue room collection.

Rooms with benefits soil contrast white. Unless you are looking for a suite living room that it is removed from 2001: A Space Odyssey, is better to avoid the use of white furniture to complete your white room of tiles.

The choice of the furniture in a carpeted room is simple - just have to follow the same rules of warm and cool colors as if it were a wooden floor. Warm color schemes, colors benefit from half-tone rich and fresh color ways of the most serious.

Given that, very few houses used white carpet in the dining room because of their tendency to staining of life and you want to choose a suite sofa or lounge that complements the color of your carpet, rather than colliding with her.

This excellent color wheel tool can help you visualize your furniture, wall and floor color scheme before you buy a new sofa or recliner. How many more variables of your living room has - for example, carpets, artworks, and other furniture - the more you will have to think about creating a consistent color scheme further.

Be coherent with respect to the age, style, and fashion

Although it may seem very elegant for mixing an old sofa with a modern interior, unique arrangements living room is best left to the experts. Try to avoid the mixture of a variety of different styles and periods of design in a single room for an optimum aesthetic.

An ultra-modern sofa, for example, will be a little out of place in a warm room of wood that cries out for a good Burgundy or walnut leather lounge suite. On the other hand, a classic tufted sofa can often give new life to a minimalist lounge.

Think carefully before you mix new with old, and try to avoid the election of a new a classic living room sofa. Classic furniture may look great in a modern environment, but an ultra-modern sofa, sharp rare time coincides with a classic home.

How unorthodox has a combo? Be prepared to break the rules

Design “rules” is the rules of music - who often work best when they are broken. If you find a sofa that should have, but cannot match the color scheme of your living room, don't be afraid to buy it.
After all, no home is complete without some eccentricities. From minimalist white rooms full of furniture for the living room of pink to the ultra-modern homes with classic sofas, being creative is the key to the construction of a room elegant, worthy of being loved.

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Small Living Room Designs | Living Room Decoration with Stairs

Living Room Decoration with Stairs

A living is a fundamental place in every home, in general, is a site you will enjoy the moments of relaxation either alone or accompanied by a family member. This should spur us to inspire us to the moment of opting for any design, so we can give a nice touch to this space. 

Small Living Room Designs

The decoration of a living room with stairs drinking to be a gently and carefully so that you can feel very relaxed at the time of decorating the environment. So below I will give you some ideas on decorating a living room with stairs:

A living decoration must be in an attractive way. First for you decorates your living room you must you have a lot of creativity and know distribute furniture. To make your living room a modern place must create a scheme on a paper and there you can draw all the furniture and you can, of course, plan the movement of them. So you can know where to put the furniture in the environment.

Small Living Room Designs

* If you crave a decoration of a modern living room where you can rest, do not hesitate to use combinations of light colors with dark colors, because they help to create a very modern environment. Today people are much inclined to choose walls in cream color by combining with brown tones. How perfect is that you to use light colors on almost all your living room and only leave an accent of dark colors in furniture.

* For your living room, you should choose a Chair of two or three parts and you must distribute it in U-shape or L, the armchairs must be around a small table. It is also highly recommended that you buy a sofa bed so if any of your guests want to stay overnight.

Small Living Room Designs

* Also it is very important that you identify the place where anger electrical wires, plugs, fluorescent and takes the TV streams. You must finally determine the point of your living room, your window should be with a panorama view either mountains, a Lake, sea or a fireplace.

You must add color to your room with beautiful decorative cushions.

* In your living room should have good lighting because it is essential for any home environment, but you should always combine natural light with artificial light. To do this you must put ceiling lights that provide friendly warmth, you must also complete the artificial light with a small decorative lamp and you can also buy built-in lamps so you can place it on the wall.

Small Living Room Designs

Small Living Room Designs

* At the time that you are going to cover the walls of your living room, you should keep in mind that you do not overload with accessories, but you need to select items that decorate decoration for example: pick candles, vases of glass with fresh flowers. So you discover more ideas about the decoration of living I recommend enter the related post below.
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