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Living Room Color Schemes | How to Match Your New Sofa for Your Living Room

How to Match Your New Sofa for Your Living Room

Struggling to choose a sofa in your House? Choose the furniture can be a game of chance - after all, large expenditure on a couch which collides with the ground, paint or carpet leaves you in a very expensive confusion of a situation

A good sofa must be standing. Without being too much of a distraction from design.

Living Room Color Schemes

Fortunately, it is easy to choose a sofa or a couch that matches the color scheme and style of your home decor. Game hot or cold sofas from its soil to create contrast with light tiles, keep reading to learn seven great strategies to help you find your new sofa for your living room.
Find out if you have a scheme of hot or cold color

As some people look great on certain items, some fabrics and colors look excellent when combined with a room that corresponds to them. Most living rooms are well hot or cold. Warm be rich, friendly and warm, and cool is something more lasting and contrast

The key to a good furniture selection is working if your living room is cool, in which case more solid, intense colors are appropriate, or warm, in which case a mixture of colors of medium intensity and dark tones are appropriate.

In general, white tile-floored rooms are fresh. Rooms with linoleum are usually cool. Rooms with very light wood or mass concrete floors are also cool and benefit from furniture that matches a combination of cool colors.
On the other hand, rooms with luxurious wooden floors almost always have a range of warm colors. Rooms with tiled floors of beige or salmon are also hot. In simple terms, the rooms that look better with gold decoration is warm, and the rooms that look better with a silver decoration are usually fresh.

While it is possible to break the rules of warm and cold and still create an elegant living room, getting within categories warm and cold to prevent your furniture from colliding with the color scheme of your room.

Light wooden flooring? Create contrast of light with your furniture

Rooms with blond wooden floors are very flexible when it comes to the selection of sofas and other furniture. You can choose to go in the dark - for example, a sofa in black leather on a floor of light wooden - or light, with a white sofa in beige or light wood top

In general terms, the easiest to do. A clear wooden floor stands out is to use even lighter furniture. Select a sofa in White leather for the ultimate fashion statement without causing shock, or even a brown or light brown or lounge suite sofa.
You have to be careful to choose black furniture in rooms with the very light-colored floor. Solid black creates often too much of a change, despite the tough black on white style is very popular in the ultra-modern homes.

Dark wood flooring? Create dark contrast with your furniture

Dark wood floors complemented by better, even more, dark furniture. The classic loungesuite sofa black leather on a dark wooden floor never goes out of fashion, especially when the furniture has a simple design, no time.
As would a color floor clear, you will need to find out if your salon uses a range of warm or cold colors. If it is hot, take colors to half-tone as Brown, blue marine, or even Bordeaux.

It may sound silly, but the choice of a sofa to match it with your living room is like choosing a pair of shoes from a team that matches. Black adapts to any environment, Brown coincides with blue and white should be avoided by everyone, but warmer environments.

Living Room Color Schemes

White mosaic floor? Use strong colors to create a contrast

When the room has the white floor, you have the entire catalog at your creative disposal. White soils work with almost any color of furniture, whenever it fits your color scheme.

Living Room Color Schemes

Any ultra modern house? Choose a sofa in black leather or salon suite Bordeaux. Modern apartment? Go with Walnut leather, a suite of Black Hall, or even a dark blue room collection.

Rooms with benefits soil contrast white. Unless you are looking for a suite living room that it is removed from 2001: A Space Odyssey, is better to avoid the use of white furniture to complete your white room of tiles.

The choice of the furniture in a carpeted room is simple - just have to follow the same rules of warm and cool colors as if it were a wooden floor. Warm color schemes, colors benefit from half-tone rich and fresh color ways of the most serious.

Given that, very few houses used white carpet in the dining room because of their tendency to staining of life and you want to choose a suite sofa or lounge that complements the color of your carpet, rather than colliding with her.

This excellent color wheel tool can help you visualize your furniture, wall and floor color scheme before you buy a new sofa or recliner. How many more variables of your living room has - for example, carpets, artworks, and other furniture - the more you will have to think about creating a consistent color scheme further.

Be coherent with respect to the age, style, and fashion

Although it may seem very elegant for mixing an old sofa with a modern interior, unique arrangements living room is best left to the experts. Try to avoid the mixture of a variety of different styles and periods of design in a single room for an optimum aesthetic.

An ultra-modern sofa, for example, will be a little out of place in a warm room of wood that cries out for a good Burgundy or walnut leather lounge suite. On the other hand, a classic tufted sofa can often give new life to a minimalist lounge.

Think carefully before you mix new with old, and try to avoid the election of a new a classic living room sofa. Classic furniture may look great in a modern environment, but an ultra-modern sofa, sharp rare time coincides with a classic home.

How unorthodox has a combo? Be prepared to break the rules

Design “rules” is the rules of music - who often work best when they are broken. If you find a sofa that should have, but cannot match the color scheme of your living room, don't be afraid to buy it.
After all, no home is complete without some eccentricities. From minimalist white rooms full of furniture for the living room of pink to the ultra-modern homes with classic sofas, being creative is the key to the construction of a room elegant, worthy of being loved.

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Living Room Color Schemes | How to Match Your New Sofa for Your Living Room
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