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Design Living Rooms | Photos of Decoration of Small Living Room

Photos of Decoration of Small Living Room 

The living room is a place where we share with our family, friends, and guests, and co-workers, by that reason must be well designed and decorated. It must be a modern place so just is a small space.

The diningroom in your home should have a comfortable, elegant decor. Decoration implies not only that you look only at the color of the walls, the idea is to completely arrange the environment to make it attractive and above all functional. That is why in this article I leave some ideas so that you have in mind when decorating a living room.

Design Living Rooms

Decoration tips

-The walls of the living room you must paint it light colors and pastel shades, these light colors give a feeling of spaciousness and simultaneously reflect light, so you can have a very cozy atmosphere.

Design Living Rooms

-A way to easily and efficiently so you can make your living room look larger is to use mirrors. Mirrors provide to your home environment and a greater feeling of spaciousness, it is very important that you place large mirrors.

-Rather than choose furniture for the living room is that you must take into account the size and shape of the room. So you determine the size of the table and Chair in the dining room, but in a small space is preferable to round or oval tables so that you can take advantage of the corners of the environment.

Design Living Rooms

-In a small environment, it is very important that you have good lighting. In a small living room, you must combine natural light with artificial light. If your environment is windows it is preferable to keep always open so that natural light.

-In the dining room there should be no useless furniture or decorative pieces without functionality, therefore it is recommended that you eliminate all those remaining obstacles so thus you will have a tranquil atmosphere and its appearance is attractive.

-These are all ideas on how to decorate a small living room and if you would like to know more about decoration I recommend entering a: modern interior decoration.

Design Living Rooms

Tricks for decorating small rooms

To start with the decoration of small rooms, in the same way as any other small atmosphere of the House is trying to optimize a combination of colors to try to get a better breadth in the small space. You have to avoid using large amounts of very bright colors on the walls, which in addition to giving a slightly annoying effect does not provide the effect of amplitude that is desired for the room. It is recommended that walls a small room will use light colors for the walls, allowing you to get better brightness and so-called pose that best visual amplitude.

Design Living Rooms

In addition, if you add an additional color as a focal point to improve the decoration of this important room of the House would get a room with style lighter with greater freedom aside from the overwhelming that will make the small space look smaller than it already is. This also will help make the space of the room completely cozy and enjoy it to the family.

In terms of furniture for small rooms is to opt for the multifunctional, which are ideal for small spaces allowing you to carry out different activities and above all to save space. What you have to do is use pieces of furniture that may provide some additional volume as a coffee table, as well as improving the style of the room, featuring some space in the indoor area to store some items.

Design Living Rooms

On the other hand, is to try to maximize space and aspect of decoration. The use of a piece of furniture to TV and other electronic devices such as the sound at the same time so you can save it be with a better lifestyle so you are not constantly visible, is a very good choice to maintain a tidy and free of overruns.

An accessory that will be very useful, have a decorative style and above all allows multiple spaces is the mirror. The color of light that has been used for the walls, it has to complement perfectly with the use of a regular size mirror so you can achieve a better reflection of the lighting. A mirror allows greatly increased space, is a vital detail in the decoration of small partners.

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Design Living Rooms | Photos of Decoration of Small Living Room
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