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Paint Colors for Living | Room Techniques for Painting a Room

Techniques for Painting a Room

The article I'm going to give you below are techniques to paint a room since in this way it will highlight modern design with elegant lines and mostly neutral or bright colors with an orderly balance options. 

Paint Colors for Living Room

Together the choice of colors for your room is a matter of personal taste and above all the consideration of existing decoration, such as the colors of coverings of floors, furniture and window treatments.

Bright colors:

You have to choose a bold shade of orange or red color for the walls, or simply a shade of chartreuse, above all create balance for your vivid colors, painting of windows, doors and moldings in the off-white or white frames. Together, you have to keep a simple decor, with occasional hints of the color of the wall in decorative pillows and accessories.

Paint Colors for Living Room

Cowboy imitation:

You can be the first to paint the walls of your room with a denim style since you must paint color cream or white for a base color and let it dry, then mix a blue painting cowboy with a glaze clear and a part of four of enamel paint. Also roll enamel in two sections of one square foot and continues with a brush of linen to create an appearance of fabric, also moves the brush from left to right and then from top to bottom to create a cross illusion of fabric and you can finish with a roller for added effect to maintain a wet edge to do this technique.

Paint Colors for Living Room


Another modern way is to paint walls in neutral colors, so Brown sandy or Brown, or simply of whitish and the opposite in a light shade of moss green can be decorative. Mostly paint the frames of the windows, moldings and wood finishes in neutral shades softer than the colors of the wall to obtain a room elegantly and majestic.

Paint Colors for Living Room


You should know that in the modern interior architectural elements have been painted to create accents and contrasts, with which you can paint in colors that complement each other with the base color. Also paint the underside of the ceiling of a color and the upper section of another and choose a whitish tone or  salmon, soft, beige, since you have to apply paint in an environment appropriate to the inside of the fireplace and you can choose a color that contrasts strongly with the walls as in neutral earth tones.


The white walls can be very modern, but the walls need to be painted white as the floors, frames of doors and windows, moldings and skirting boards. Therefore, it must be balanced with a simple dark furniture and design treatments of windows in colors that include living colors and a touch of white.

Paint Colors for Living Room

Explore the different options:

You can explore different options that allow giving us great useful information, since this blog will get advice appropriate to find the color that strikes modern living room furniture will not be exactly like yours, and you can see the interaction of your choices of color with ornaments and accessories.

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Paint Colors for Living | Room Techniques for Painting a Room
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