Friday, November 24, 2006

A Survivor's Poem - If I Were To Die Today

(a poem in progress by Wentworth;
inspired by "My Agent" by R.S. Gwynn)

If I Were To Die Today -

If I were to die today, three days from today my receptionist would ask:

"where's Wentworth, anyway today?"

The police would arrive and say,
"Looks like another body today."

The EMS would say, "it stinks his having been
left rotting away."

The morgue would ask,
"Who's his next of kin, by-the-way?"

My Mom would say,
"I'd hoped to sleep in today."

My Dad would say,
"I'll greet him at the Pearly Gates today."

His second wife would say,
"Sweet revenge came my way."

My Grandad would say,
"I never much liked him, okay?"

My GrandPops would say,
"Let's do an accounting before we pray."

My sister would say,
"This really isn't convenient today."

My other one would say,
"He was an okay guy, anyway."

My ex would say,
"Break out the Champagne, today."

Her girlfriend would say,
"Hip Hip Hooray!"

Her best friend would say,
"Let's party today."

My neighbor would say,
"Can I grab his swag today?"

My boss would say,
"Who's next for a window office, today?"

My colleague would say,
"I'd like his chair, anyway."

My broker would say,
"Someone's got a nice payday today."

My personnel officer would say,
"He's saved Uncle Sam money, by the way."

My abuser would say,
"Me and Lucifer set him up that day."

My Dalai Lama would say,
"Life's all emptiness, anyway."

My God would say,
"Try to justify how you lost your way today."


But I haven't died yet.

So, I've got another day, today.